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How MoxieShop Works

MoxieShop 5 Easy Steps

Thank you for supporting your organization by making all your online purchases through MoxieShop.  Remember to click through your organization’s MoxieShop web page every time you make an online purchase.


How can I make sure my purchase qualifies for a donation?

  1. Always start your shopping at your organization's MoxieShop page. Have your coupon or promo codes ready before you click through the MoxieShop page to avoid another site getting credit for your purchase.
  2. Your shopping cart must be empty when you click through your MoxieShop page. Items added before you clicked through your MoxieShop page may not qualify for a donation, depending on the retailer.
  3. Add items to an empty shopping cart and check out.
  4. Enjoy having given to your organization!

If you have any questions, particularly if you are planning to make a large purchase, please contact us at 954.536.1840 or to verify the requirements of a particular retailer. We want your purchase to count for your organization!

How does my organization make money from my online purchases?

Retailers like Amazon pay Moxietude a percentage of each purchase made through MoxieShop web pages. We in turn donate 50% of those referral fees to your organization.

What does my organization have to do to participate in MoxieShop?

All your organization has to do is to promote its personalized MoxieShop web page to its supporters.  The more people buy through MoxieShop, the more your organization receives in donations.

How do you know what I purchased?

Links on your organization’s MoxieShop page are unique to your organization.  When you click a link, the retailer tracks the link to your final purchase.

Does shopping through MoxieShop increase my purchase amount?

No. Shopping through MoxieShop never increases your purchase amount.  The donations Moxietude gives to your organization are paid by the retailers.

Do all my purchases qualify for a donation?

While the majority of purchases generate a donation for your organization, each retailer has its own policies and some purchases may not qualify.  If you are concerned about a particular purchase, please contact us so we can clarify individual retailer policies and inclusions.

How do I know my personal information is safe?

Moxietude does not track or receive any personal information about the individuals purchasing through MoxieShop.  Each retailer provides us a report of transactions and their corresponding dollar values, but not who made them.  Your information resides with the actual retailer and is governed by their Privacy Policy.  See Moxietude’s Privacy Policy for more information.

What are the benefits of MoxieShop over other fundraising programs?

MoxieShop is different from traditional fundraising programs in that we do not ask our organizations to sell specific products to their supporters, require them to take orders, collect money or distribute the products.  MoxieShop takes advantage of online purchases that supporters are already making.  The best part about MoxieShop is that it allows supporters to give without reaching into their pockets – making MoxieShop a fundraising program you can do year-round, alone or in conjunction with other fundraisers.

What makes MoxieShop different from other online marketplace fundraising programs?

MoxieShop offers four distinct advantages:

  • Organizations receive a customized MoxieShop web page.
  • We provide customized marketing tools for organizations’ use.
  • We require no user logins.
  • We donate 50% of all fees earned from the retailers to the organizations.

What does MoxieShop cost my organization to participate?

Nothing.  We do not charge organizations anything to participate.  You will never write Moxietude a check.  We only ask that organizations market MoxieShop to their supporters.

How does an organization market to their supporters?

As a participant in the MoxieShop Program, organizations receive customized digital marketing packages for distribution to supporters.  We provide marketing campaigns throughout the year that include half-page flyers, full-page posters, social media scripts, email, newsletter and auto-call voice scripts.  These marketing tools can be printed or emailed by the organization to their supporters.  We also provide the HTML to place the MoxieShop button on the organization’s website.

How often does my organization receive a donation?

Moxietude donates to your organization every four months (three times a year) – in July, November and March.

If I forget to click through my organization’s MoxieShop web page, will my purchase count towards a donation?

No.  In order to activate the tracking for a purchase, you must click through your organization’s MoxieShop web page.

Will my purchase count if I click through the MoxieShop page, don’t complete the purchase at that time and come back later to complete the purchase?

Don’t count on it.  Click through your organization’s MoxieShop web page every time to make sure your purchase is tracked.

Do I have to order online for my organization to receive a donation?

Yes.  Only purchases made online earn fees from our retailers.  Some retailers, such as Best Buy, offer a “pick up in store” feature, which you may use, as long as the order and payment transactions are made online.

What if I don’t see a retailer I want to shop at on the MoxieShop web page?

We have partnerships with some of the most popular and most shopped at online retailers, and we are adding new retailers all the time.  Contact us to suggest a retailer.

I know of an organization that could benefit from MoxieShop.  How do I get started?

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the MoxieShop Program and get your organization started right away.