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Buy with Moxie!

Tired of Selling to Your Supporters?

Traditional fundraisers ask your supporters to reach into their pockets to buy things or donate directly. Moxietude is different! The MoxieShop Program provides a means of raising funds without costing your supporters a dime.

Raise funds from things your group already buys

MoxieShop™ takes advantage of shopping habits your supporters already have - buying online at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and iTunes. We set up a custom MoxieShop web page for your organization with all the participating retailers' links. You advertise the web page to your group, their families and friends. When your supporters make a purchase through your MoxieShop page, Moxietude™ donates a portion of the purchase to your group.

Donations are always paid by Moxietude and never increase the purchase amount.

No money out of your supporters' pockets
No products to sell, no money to collect
No up-front costs to your group
No user logins
No stress!

The best part is that you are taking advantage of online purchases that your group is already making – no asking your supporters to buy products they don’t want and won’t use! MoxieShop is a fundraising program that your organization can participate in year-round.

The beauty of the MoxieShop fundraising program is that there is no risk to you. You'll never write Moxietude a check. All you have to do is market the program to your supporters. The more that’s purchased through your MoxieShop page, the more Moxietude donates to your organization!

Moxie Marketing

Moxietude provides digital marketing packages for your use. These packages include flyers, social media posts, newsletter write-ups and other useful marketing tools - ready for your distribution. Each package is given to you in digital form and designed with the flexibility to reproduce it on a regular copy machine, print it or email it to your supporters.

Moxietude has monthly campaigns available for your distribution as well as two mega-campaigns - back to school and holiday, the two biggest shopping events each year.

Contact us today to get your group started! Buy with Moxie!